CEO’s Message

To our shareholders and investors

We sincerely thank all of you for your continued understanding and support of our activities.

We aim to realize a society where individual career development and work style are to be diversified driven by the power of technology to embody each person’s individuality and talent, advocating our Purpose being “Implement technology to “WORK” and modify the specifications of society leveraging individual power”. In order to bring it to life, we deliver KAONAVI, a talent management system that centralizes human resource information on the cloud and serves as a platform for data utilization under our Vision of “Create a HR data-centric platform”.

I started my professional life with an organizational HR consulting firm. While supporting many clients, I addressed various challenges related to human resources and organizations in Japanese companies. Later I took on managing corporate HR myself, during which I figured that technology has potential to exponentially elevate problem-solving capacity. Then together with Hiroki Yanagihashi, the Co-CEO of the company, I founded the business of KAONAVI.

Since our service launch in 2012, more and more companies have become accustomed to utilizing human resource data accumulated on the cloud as a source of competitiveness. Currently HR’s agenda that companies need to deal with is growing, from productivity boost, diversified work styles, turnover prevention to recruiting enhancement in the face of declining working-age population. In order to navigate these challenges the need to introduce talent management system has never been greater.

Our strength is ensuring both the system and customer service working side by side so that our users can thrive in their talent management efforts where no one-size-fits-all solution exists. KAONAVI is designed in pursuit of flexibility and usability, and it features highly simplified user interface. Also, we provide a unique platform for our users to exchange their use cases in operation as well as to learn from a wealth of talent management resources, which helps our clients lead their talent management projects to success.

We have a faith that KAONAVI goes beyond benefitting our user companies, it is much about empowering every single employee to take on new challenges and get one’s dream job.

We will continuously strive to advance talent management leveraging technology and build the future where everyone can be best-self in society, through shaping the world where people can unlock their potential.

We ask for your continued guidance, support, and understanding.

Hiroyuki Sato
Representative Director, President & Co-CEO
kaonavi, inc.