Implement technology to "WORK" and modify the specifications of society leveraging individual power

Gender, academic background, and titles.
These are just labels.

The future that kaonavi envisions is
the one that unleashes individual power so that
anyone can be one's best self in society, free
from those labels.

To bring it to life,
we implement technology to "WORK",
and modify the specifications of society,
leveraging individual power.

Face you, Face next.

Get to know your own thoughts and values.
Envision dream future of your own.
For everyone to be their best self.

  • カオナビ
  • ○ represents a person, and △ represents one's
    span of vision/view.
    This illustrates one's
    orientation or direction.

  • Placing one another in one's own span of vision
    portrays the act of facing
    to understand each
    other's individuality.

  • It builds on our belief that the new space in the
    center, which emerges
    only when people try to
    get to know each other by overlapping their
    vision span is the world where people can
    unlock their potential.

  • kaonavi

    The key to building a reciprocal relationship is to
    understand and
    appreciate each other. So our vision
    is embodied by the logo.

Logo UpdateFrom 2D to 3D

Shifting from the previous face logo that portraits the value of matching employee name and face based on superficial two dimensional data, the new one reflects our emphasis on depth that adds another dimension and represents the concept of appreciating others and embracing individuality.
Our new logo embodies the importance of mutual understanding by the shape of two people looking into each other.


Create a HR data-centric platform


  • 01
    Hypothetical Thinking
    Never blindly believe what others say.
    Always ask yourself why.
  • 02
    Simplify what you can do to make it reproducible for others.
  • 03
    Collaborate across boundaries
    to maximize the total benefit.
  • 04
    We put integrity first
    when doing business.
  • 05
    Sense of Ownership
    Own whatever job you are engaged in.