Be you,
self-direct your work.

Being in charge of one’s own career.
Accepting the different opinions of one another.
Maintaining a sense of ownership.

At kaonavi, we have a culture of working responsibly
while respecting the individuality of one another.

To create a future that helps everyone unleash their
potential and shine in society, our venture-minded
employees, who know what it is to be oneself and
self-direct one's work, are facing up to their tasks
every day.

  • 01
    Value Integrity
    Integrity comes first when doing business
    Drive results on that basis
  • 02
    Think from the User’s Perspective
    Always think through from the user’s perspective
    And go beyond their expectations
  • 03
    Persist with Systemization
    Simplify what you can do to make it reproducible for others
  • 04
    Take Ownership
    Own your work and career
    Always set one-step-ahead goals and keep challenging
  • 05
    Do Not Fear Conflicts
    Create new value as a team after an in-depth discussion without fear of conflicting interests
  • "Flexible work

    This program allows our employees to choose their work
    arrangements to improve productivity.
    Our employees can initiate various schedules and places they prefer.

    • Hybrid Work

      Our employees can choose their preferred workplace to achieve the best performance in the best environment .

    • Flexible Work Schedule

      To help employees achieve a good balance between work and life, it allows them to flexibly switch between work hours and break time, for example they can be away from office for two hours to have lunch with their family.

    • Flextime without core hours

      To help employees work autonomously with a high degree of freedom and achieve a better work-life balance, it allows them to set the beginning and the end of their work hours as well as its length (four hours a day or more).

    • Flextime ± 20 Hours

      It allows employees to adjust their prescribed monthly work hours within ± 20 hours. By improving productivity, they can shorten work hours up to 20 hours a month without getting their salary reduced.

  • “Pay for

    Since our employees can choose their preferred work arrangements, their
    performance is evaluated based on the outcome. The company provides
    opportunities for growth, and employees give back by helping the company
    improve its market value.

    • Career Path and Job Grade Programs

      The career path program lets employees choose a career path based on their needs, aspirations, etc. and assists their growth through various HR measures. Also, annual salary range are determined based on the seven mission-based job grades defined for each path.

    • Evaluation Program

      The overall evaluation is determined considering the results of the mission, values and competencies. We place importance on the dialogue between the evaluator and the person evaluated. Each person’s goals are also set through the dialogue by considering the career path and job grade. Also incentive pay would be provided to employees who complete their mission. Annual salary range is determined by following company values and competencies attainment.

    • Mission : Set goals based on a job grade, and evaluate the achievement rate
      Values : Evaluate how well the person follows company values
      Competencies : Evaluate how many achievements regarding skills to execute mandated tasks and setting portable skills common to all employees.

  • Communication

    Due to remote work, we encourage opportunities for our employees to gather
    and communicate so as to build an environment that would facilitate mutual
    understanding and help them collaborate casually.

    • kaonavi General Meeting

      Employee general meeting held semiannually in person. It helps us create a sense of unity as an organization, as it features business results briefing, company award and entertainment content, etc..

    • Workshops and Recreational Activities

      We regularly organize workshops for discussing the future that kaonavi should pursue as well as recreational activities.

    • Company-wide Meeting

      Company-wide meeting held monthly where we share outcomes and progress of each division. This meeting is completely online.

    • One-on-one

      In addition to the one-on-one meetings with one’s superior, one-on-one meetings are also held with the members of other departments that provide casual interaction.

  • Skill learning and

    We have programs for giving each person the autonomy
    to think about one’s career.

    • Success sharing sessions

      It is an employee-organized study group where employees share all kinds of knowledge, from stories that are useful in their work to stories about their areas of expertise.

    • In-house training

      It is a mandatory company training program, including logical thinking training, for helping our employees improve a wide range of skills.

    • Side Jobs

      We encourage our employees to have side jobs for personal improvement, enabling them to acquire a wide range of knowledge through jobs outside kaonavi.

    • “Raise Your Hand” Program

      We respect each employee’s vision for their career. Once every six months, employees can apply to transfer to another department without noticing their superior and discuss it with the human resources.

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Office Concept


Fluid like liquid
An office as a platform for diverse individuals
kaonavi has gathered diverse personnel and would like to advance individual power with a flexible work style.
Our concept is LIQUID : the office transforms flexibly to work for everyone. An environment that creates synergy with each person’s unique value.