Empowering the people and the land of Imabari through 'WORK'

About “-ship Project”

“Imabari. Yume Sport Inc.”
is a company striving
“to contribute to
realize the society in
which we prioritize spiritual wealth
material wealth
for future generations,”
and kaonavi is a
company striving
“to make ‘WORK’ more fulfilling.”
With similar passions,
these two have teamed up and
this project to empower the
people and the land of Imabari.

Imabari. Yume Sport
“ship” as in vessels
Imabari, a city famous for shipbuilding, is a city that “connects” lands, so to speak. “Imabari. Yume Sport Inc.” also cares to “pass on” their passion to future generations.
“-ship” as a suffix
Added to the end of nouns, it denotes condition, attitude, etc., and kaonavi embraces diversity and a sense of expansion that this suffix represents.

“-ship” initiatives

Beginning with the "partner-ship," we
will continue to
implement all sorts of
"-ship" initiatives. Don't miss it!

It is an initiative that constitutes the core of the “-ship Project.” Not only do we drive the project in collaboration with “Imabari. Yume Sport Inc.” as regional revitalization partners, but our company logo is also placed on the FC Imabari Ladies’ uniform as a uniform partner. We will continue to provide support to them in various ways.
We provide career development support to the players of FC Imabari Ladies who are playing soccer while working another job. The goals are to help them become aware of the importance of taking initiative in their own career development and to open up a path for diverse options for their second careers. It is kaonavi’s regional revitalization initiative centered around “WORK.”
The 1st Career Development Seminar
Speaker: Kozue Toriyabe
We had a seminar, inviting former Japan Women's Football League player Kozue Toriyabe to talk about her experiences such as her career as a professional soccer player as well as what led her to make the transition into her second career.
Coming Soon

FC Imabari Ladies’
uniform partner

From the 2023 season,
our company logo is placed
on the FC Imabari Ladies’ uniform
as a uniform partner!
We wish a great success to
all the people of FC Imabari
and FC Imabari Ladies.

From left: Hiroki Yanagihashi,
Representative Director & Co-CEO of kaonavi; Hiroyuki Sato, Representative Director, President & Co-CEO of kaonavi; Takeshi Okada, Chairman of “Imabari. Yume Sport Inc.”; and Masafumi Yano, President of “Imabari. Yume Sport Inc.”
The kaonavi logo looking great on the FC Imabari Ladies’ uniform!
Good luck to all the players for the 2023 season!
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