Disclosure Policy

  1. Basic Policy on IR

    The Company is committed to fair and highly transparent information disclosure in order to develop long-term relationships of trust with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. In disclosing information, the Company will strive to actively disclose information conforming to laws and regulations, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and to the Timely Disclosure Rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), along with information deemed useful for stakeholders to understand the Company.

  2. Method of Information Disclosure

    If any information emerges related to the Company’s decisions, occurrence of fact, and financial results that could affect investment decisions, as provided in the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will treat such information as important company information and make it available on TSE’s Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). As a general rule, the information made public will also be swiftly posted on the Company’s IR website. Even if the Timely Disclosure Rules stated in the Basic Policy on IR do not apply to the information, the Company will endeavor to disclose it in a proactive and fair manner as far as possible.

  3. Matters Concerning Future Outlook

    Plans and strategies for the future, and other information disclosed by the Company may contain matters concerning the future outlook. Such matters are based on judgments and assumptions according to information available at the time and may differ from actual performance.

  4. Quiet Period

    From the perspective of preventing leakage of financial results information and ensuring fairness of information disclosure, the Company has established a quiet period commencing from the following day of the last day of the quarter or of the accounting period, until the date of announcement of its financial results. During this period, the Company will refrain from commenting and responding to questions and so on regarding financial results; provided, however, that this shall not apply even during the period if a critical fact emerges that is deemed to have significant impact on the investment decisions of investors.

  5. Internal System for Information Disclosure

    The Company is committed to improving and enhancing its internal system to make information disclosures in an appropriate manner, in accordance with laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rules, pursuant to this Disclosure Policy.