Management Team

  • Hiroyuki<br> Sato


    Representative Director, President & Co-CEO

    Hiroyuki Sato was appointed Director & Vice President of kaonavi n 2011. With the employment of the Co-CEO system in 2022, he was appointed Representative Director, President & Co-CEO. Prior to kaonavi, as HR and Development Group Manager at Simplex, he worked on talent development. He also worked for Link and Motivation where he served as a sales representative of the Organizational Reform Consultation Division targeting leading companies.

  • Hiroki<br> Yanagihashi


    Representative Director & Co-CEO

    Hiroki Yanagihashi founded kaonavi in 2008 and was appointed Representative Director & President. With the employment of the Co-CEO system in 2022, he was appointed Representative Director & Co-CEO. Prior to kaonavi, he worked in HR at istyle Inc. as the head of the HR Division. He also worked for Accenture where he worked on the development of operational infrastructure and large databases in operational restructuring projects of government offices.

  • Kimitaka<br> Hashimoto


    Director & CFO

    Kimitaka Hashimoto joined kaonavi, inc. in 2018 and he was appointed Director in 2019. Prior to kaonavi, he worked for Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities. where he has served in various roles in investment banking - M&A advisory services and funding, etc. He also worked in the Financial Affairs Division at Sanyo Electric where he was responsible for funding and negotiations with financial institutions.

  • Tatsuya<br> Hiramatsu


    Executive Officer & CPO

    Tatsuya Hiramatsu joined kaonavi in 2017. After serving as General Manager of the Product Division, he was appointed CPO in 2022. Prior to kaonavi, he worked on marketing and business alliances at the New Development Division of a game development company. In the meantime he has an experience in mobile website development, he was also placed in charge of the operation and development of platforms at COLOPL

  • Takeshi<br> Uchida


    Executive Officer
    Head of the CEO’s Office

    Takeshi Uchida joined kaonavi in 2017 and he serves as Head of the CEO’s Office. Prior to kaonavi, he served in business development at a healthcare company. And he worked in business development consultation at a consulting firm. He also engaged in HR consulting and data analysis at SHL-JAPAN.

  • Asumi<br> Mogami


    Executive Officer
    General Manager, Customer Engagement Division

    Asumi Mogami joined kaonavi in 2015. She took part in the establishment of the inside sales team, and she serves as General Manager of the Customer Engagement Division since 2020. Prior to kaonavi, she worked in HR at a real estate company centering on recruitment. She also worked in sales at Grunavi where she was engaged in new member acquisition.

  • Yuko<br> Somano


    General Manager, Corporate Division

    Yuko Somano joined kaonavi in 2018 and she took part in the development of the internal governance system in preparation for getting listed. She has served as General Manager of the Corporate Division since 2019. Before that, she worked for IT start up company and a apparel company in which she was engaged in legal affairs, including contracts, intellectual property rights, and corporate governance.

  • Junya<br> Shinozaki


    General Manager, Marketing Division

    Junya Shinozaki joined kaonavi in 2016 and he is responsible for marketing strategies. He has served as General Manager of the Marketing Division since 2020. Prior to kaonavi, he worked in advertising at GREE. and also Glossom. Also he worked at Hakuhodo in sales targeting foreign manufacturers and domestic car manufacturers, he worked on the promotion of athletes and sports teams.

  • Hiroki<br> Sotei


    General Manager, Product Development Division

    Hiroki Sotei joined kaonavi in 2020 and he worked on product and organizational management. In 2022, he was appointed General Manager of the Product Division. Prior to kaonavi, he joined Voltage as Director, then presided over its business division as Executive Officer from 2014. He also worked as an editor at a printing and publishing company.

  • Shunsuke<br> Fujii


    General Manager, Sales Division

    Shunsuke Fujii joined kaonavi in 2021 and he served as General Manager of the Sales Division since 2022. Based on his experience as a corporate sales representative of a megabank, he worked as a corporate sales representative at Recruit Career Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit, Co., Ltd.) focusing on the IT and internet industry, then he served the company as Sales Division Manager.

  • Ryo<br> Nagumo


    Head, Business Strategy Office

    Ryo Nagumo has served kaonavi, inc. as Head of the Business Strategy Office since 2021. Prior to kaonavi, he worked for Recruit Career (now Recruit) and he has an experience as New Business Development PM and as Services Planning Department Manager focusing on HRTech services. He served various roles in marketing, business planning, and as product manager.

  • Masakazu<br> Matsushita



    Masakazu Matsushita joined kaonavi in 2020 and was appointed CTO in September of the same year. Prior to kaonavi, he worked as CTO at Translimit, Inc. and he worked on the development of game apps for overseas audiences. He also worked for a system integration company, then he worked at CyberAgent on the development of games and community platforms.

  • Ken<br> Fukuda



    Ken Fukuda joined kaonavi in 2015. He has served as VPoE since 2019, and was appointed New Development Department Manager in 2022. Prior to konavi, he worked for an IT venture company as an engineer, then he joined COLOPL where he worked on social game planning and development as a manager.

Outside Directors

  • Suguru Kobayashi

    Outside Director

    Suguru Kobayashi has been Outside Director of kaonavi since 2018. He founded Field Management Human Resource and he serves as Representative Director. Prior to Field Management Human Resource, he worked for JTB, then he joined Link and Motivation, where he engaged in organizational HR consultation services mainly targeting leading companies.

  • Masumi Sai

    Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory committee member

    After serving kaonavi, inc. as Outside Director, Masumi Sai was appointed Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) in 2022. She founded Good News and Companies and she serves as Representative Director. She has also been appointed Nikkei CNBC’s Economic Commentary Committee commentator. Before that, she worked as a market economist at Daiwa Securities.

  • Hiroyuki Yamada

    Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory committee member

    Hiroyuki Yamada was appointed Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) in 2022, after serving kaonavi, inc. as Outside Auditor. He founded Axella General Accounting Firm and he was appointed its representative. Before that, he founded AZX Professionals Group where he worked with AZX Group’s lawyers and provided services such as IPO support to startups as a tax accountant. At the same time, he served as an outside director as well as an outside auditor. Moreover, not only has he written various books and papers, but he has also contributed many articles to tax accountant magazines.

  • Miyako Ikuta

    Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory committee member

    Miyako Ikuta was appointed kaonavi’s Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) in 2022. She is a licensed attorney in Japan, France, and the State of New York. She is an expert in corporate transactions, including M&A and IP license agreement, and in international arbitration, in addition to data protection such as handling of cases involving the GDPR. She also serves a listed company as an outside auditor and she is a partner of law firm Kitahama Partners.


  • Masaya Mori

    Masaya Mori

    Technical Advisor

    Masaya Mori is Executive Officer of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, Visiting Professor of Tohoku University, and Advisor for Japan Deep Learning Association. He is also a member of G1 Deep Learning Research Group’s Advisory Board as well as Chairperson of Japan Institute of Information Technology’s AI & Robotics Research Group. Prior to Deloitte, he served Rakuten Group as Executive Officer and as Head of Rakuten Institute of Technology, managing the R&D at seven locations in five countries around the world. He also served Accenture as Advanced Technology Lead, taking part in the project for developing research institutes in the U.S.

  • Jota Tamaki

    Jota Tamaki


    Jota Tamaki joined kaonavi in 2019 and served as CDO as well as General Manager of the Brand Design Division. He was appointed Outside CDO in 2022. Prior to kaonavi, he contributed to the value engineering efforts at AI venture company Cogent Labs Inc. He also worked for global advertising agencies such as W+K and AKQA where he worked on projects for overseas clients.